The Detroit Media Economy Collaborative is Hiring

The Detroit Media Economy Collaborative (DMEC) is hiring.

Detroit Media Economy Collaborative’s overarching goal is to cultivate a community media economy in Detroit. Over the next two years we will implement programs grounded in the digital justice principles of: access, participation, common ownership and healthy communities.

DMEC is a project of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, and is administered by coalition member organizations Allied Media Projects and the East Michigan Environmental Action Council. Evaluation and Documentation for DMEC is provided by the Open Technology Initiative.

Program Goals

  • Train 50 digital media artists to become educators and entrepreneurs. These Digital Media Educators/Entrepreneurs (DMEs) will graduate with unique skill sets necessary to train other Detroiters in digital media, create their own jobs, foster cooperative forms of community wealth creation, and support media-based community organizing.
  • Train 24 K-12 teachers to integrate media arts into core curricula. In partnership with DMEs, these teachers will design learning environments that transform students’ perception of Detroit from a place of abandonment to a thriving home.
  • Organize a city-wide youth media program that partners high school students with local businesses and community groups to improve their online presence. This program will build a stronger network of youth leadership organizations in Detroit, while fostering inter-generational relationships and making grassroots community-development work in Detroit more visible to the world.
  • Build an online hub that will market Detroit’s community media services and provide of platform for other grassroots community economies in the city.

The long-term goals of this program are to:

  • Build the capacity of educators, community organizers, artists, technologists and small businesses to build just and creative forms of education and economic development in Detroit.
  • Model a collaborative spirit and practice that will inspire participatory, creative and effective community decision-making and problem-solving in Detroit.
  • Learn and teach with communities beyond Detroit through our well-established pathways for collaboration, including the Allied Media Projects Network, the U.S. Social Forum, and the Poverty Initiative.
  • Create long-term sustainability within our movements by leveraging more resources and support for grassroots community organizing and economic development, while transforming relationships between funders and grantees, policy-makers and community-members.
  • Affirm practices of accountability, transparency and accessibility within our grassroots communities.

We are hiring the following positions:

Digital Media Program Coordinator (full time)
Youth Media Program Coordinator (full time)
Education Specialist (full time)
Audio Instructor (part time)
Video Instructor (part time)
Graphic Design Instructor (part time)
Web Development Instructor (part time)
Logistics Coordinator (full time)
Communications Coordinator (full time)
Media Lab IT Coordinator (part time)
Documentation and Evaluation Coordinator (full time)

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