Community Wireless: Michigan Welfare Rights Organization Message to Tigers Fans

On Tuesday October 4, 2011 the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, a member of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, used mesh wireless technology to share a message with Tigers fans gathered at Comerica Park for game 4 of the playoffs.

The message called on people to protest Governor Snyder’s planned cuts in benefits to 41,000 poor Michiganders. Soon after, a federal judge issued an injunction temporarily halting the cuts.

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  1. Delores Leonard made a strong impression on me during the MSNBC morning show today (Oct., 6th), working to connect people in the community. I am interested in learning if the coalition would want books donated to a center, such as Leonard’s Reading Corner at the Kemeny Recreation Center in Southwest Detroit. What types of books would the center be interested in aquiring?
    Thank you,
    Donna V.

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